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New Supplement to Black Sea Cruising Guide

Image: The Black Sea cover. Credit: Imray and RCCPF.The latest update to our cruising guide to the Black Sea was published in May. Supplement No 5 for the 1st Edition (2012) of The Black Sea is now available on the RCC Pilotage Foundation (RCCPF) and Imray websites.

From the RCCPF website:

Despite the security situation making the area more problematic for yachts, it remains a very interesting destination. Lisa Borre and David Read Barker have produced a comprehensive supplement giving details of the many changes that have taken place in this area since the publication of the book.

We understand from our sailing friend Zafer Türkmen in Istanbul that there will be a rally along the Turkish coast of the Black Sea this summer to Samsun, Turkey from the 3rd to the 29th of July 2017. For more information or to follow the DADD RALLI 2017, visit their Facebook page. Continue reading New Supplement to Black Sea Cruising Guide

The Black Sea Cruising Guide Gets a Good Review

The Black Sea book coverHappy 2013! We’ve been busy in the off-season with various writing projects, including another book, this one about Sierra Leone, edited by David, and contributions to a NatGeo blog on global lake topics written by Lisa.

See our updated Publications page for links to books, blogs, and articles about our sailing adventures aboard Gyatso and other topics of interest to us.

We’re also starting to see reviews of The Black Sea cruising guide and receive feedback from cruising sailors who have used it.

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The Black Sea book launch scheduled for Saturday 28 April in Marmaris, Turkey

Photo: The Black Sea cruising guide launch.
L to R: Martin Walker, director of the RCCPF, with The Black Sea co-authors Lisa Borre and David Read Barker.

The Black Sea cruising guide is now available for purchase from the RCC Pilotage Foundation and Imray. We will be launching the book at a briefing about the Black Sea in Marmaris, Turkey this Saturday, 28 April at 10:00 AM in the Dining Room Annex at Marmaris Yacht Marina. The timing couldn’t be better. We are back aboard Gyatso in Marmaris preparing for a seasonal cruise in the Med. Martin Walker, our editor at the RCCPF, will be hand-carrying a copy of the book from England when he returns to his boat in Marmaris tomorrow. Continue reading The Black Sea book launch scheduled for Saturday 28 April in Marmaris, Turkey

Black Sea Cruising Guide to be Released this Month

Photo: Gyatso on the Black Sea. Credit: Hasan Techimer.
Gyatso motoring on the Black Sea near Rize, Turkey in 2010. Photo by Hasan Techimer.

The Black Sea cruising guide that we wrote is scheduled for release later this month. The guide is being published in a hard-cover book format with updated harbor plans and color photos as a joint venture between the RCC Pilotage Foundation and Imray. It replaces the text-only e-pilot we published with the RCCPF last year and provides sailing directions for all six countries surrounding the Black Sea. The guide is based on previously published and unpublished cruising notes as well as information we gathered while sailing around the Black Sea in 2010. For our personal account of sailing on the Black Sea, see the Black Sea section of the Gyatso website.