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Adra, Spain

Photo: A selection of wines from Adra, Spain. Credit: Lisa Borre.
A selection of wines that we purchased in plastic jugs and two bottles that were a gift from local yachtsman at the Real Club Nautico in Adra. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 07/30/08 – 08/1/08
 37 nm
Sailed from: Almuñecar
Lat: 36°44.7’N
Long: 03°01’W

We stayed at the Real Club Nautico (Royal Yacht Club) in Adra for two nights, a place described in our cruising guide as not being suitable for keeled yachts, however, we think that what they really meant is that it was not suitable for proper yachtsman. As we often find, most places have their charm, even if they don’t have much in the way of glitz. Here it was the friendly people and a glimpse of life other than what takes place in the mega-resorts of the Costa del Sol.

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