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Levkas, Greece

Photo: Local taverna in Levkas, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Local taverna in Levkas, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 09/05/09 – 09/06/09
Distance: 39 nm
Sailed from: Lakka, Paxos
Lat: 38°50’N
Long: 20°43’E

We had a pleasant motor sail in light westerly winds to make the 4:00 bridge opening at the north end of the canal in Levkas.  We decided to stay a night in the marina which we had heard so much about from other cruisers in the Med, but perhaps because we have grown tired of marinas these past two years, we found it to be nice enough but nothing special. Like Corfu, we found Levkas to have quite a bit of British influence, mostly yachties from the marina. We had a quick dinner ashore after checking in with the local port police and were off again the following morning.

Lakka, Paxos, Greece

Photo: The popular anchorage in Lakka, Paxos. Credit: Lisa Borre.
The popular anchorage in Lakka, Paxos. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 09/04/09 – 09/05/09
Distance: 34 nm
Sailed from: Corfu, Greece
Lat: 39°14’N
Long: 20°08’E

After three days of fidgeting with the leak in the hot water heater, we think it’s finally fixed. If you’re reading this, you might ask, “Why is a hot water so essential in such a warm climate?” And the answer is that it is not really essential, but the heater is connected to the engine. When the engine runs, it heats the water in the tank, and we really don’t want to undo the whole installation if we don’t have to. It was amazing to find that the manufacturer did not use stainless steel bolts to hold the gasket and plate of the heating element to the wall of the water heater. These had failed and then broke while removing them for inspection, hence the leak. Since we couldn’t get the parts for our American-made unit here in Greece, the mechanic fitted up some new ones and made a custom gasket. It should hold us until we can get spares and/or replace the unit.

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Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

Photo: Thunderstorm in Corfu, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.
A major storm descended on Giouvia Marina not long after arriving in Corfu. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/30/09 to 09/04/09
Distance: 30 nm
Sailed from: Erikoússa
Lat: 39°39’N
Long: 19°51’E

With over 1,000 boats, the Gouvia Marina in Corfu is one of the biggest we have visited.  Most of the regular slip holders here have bicycles for getting around within the marina itself which is like an all-inclusive resort for cruising sailors.  They have restaurants, shops, a swimming pool, etc.  The main town of Corfu is a 10 minute bus ride away, and we spent a better part of the day there on Monday completing necessary clearance formalities.  Lisa spent most of Tuesday in the city setting up our Greek cell phone and internet accounts.  Neither activity was much fun, but it’s a small price to pay for visiting such a beautiful country.

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Erikoússa, Ionian Islands, Greece

Photo: An island on the passage from Erikoússa to Corfu, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.
On the passage from Erikoússa to Corfu, we passed this tiny island and within a mile of Albania on a hazy day. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/29/09 to 08/30/09
Distance: 60 nm
Sailed from: Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy
Lat: 39°53’N
Long: 19°35’E

We motored across the Ionian Sea from Italy to Greece — one of those days where there’s not enough wind to sail but probably better than the forecast for too much wind from the wrong direction if we waited a day — such is life of sailing in the Med.  We anchored in a pleasant bay on the south side of Erikoússa along with a half dozen other sailboats.  Arriving in Greece on this island was a bit like entering the U.S. by way of Beaver Island, Michigan where Lisa’s sister and brother-in-law live and where her parents spend the summer.  It is a pretty remote and sleepy place off the coast of Albania near the border with mainland Greece and can only be reached by ferry.  We didn’t go ashore but could see a few small hotels and restaurants, a power plant and a scattering of houses on the hillsides.  We took a long swim before returning to the boat for dinner (pasta) and much needed sleep.