Fried Eggs with Turkish Sausage

Photo: Fried eggs and Turkish sausage cruising recipe. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Fried eggs and Turkish sausage onboard Gyatso on Easter day, 2010.

4 April 2010–We spent Easter this year in Marmaris, Turkey. It was the first day since arriving back in Turkey almost two months ago, that we could declare Gyatso ready to go sailing. We commissioned the engine on Friday and bent on the sails on Saturday. It has been a long haul to get to this point, but instead of setting sail today, we decided to stay put for another few days. We’ll be able to finish a number of small items on the list and prepare ourselves for the season ahead. Rather than attending one of the various holiday events organized in this large, international marina community, we slept in this morning and then enjoyed Easter brunch aboard: fried eggs with Turkish Sausage, fruit salad (apple, orange and banana with a drizzle of honey and fresh lemon juice), 12-grain bread with butter and Turkish tea.

The egg and sausage recipe was inspired by a breakfast Lisa had at the marina restaurant one day while our galley refit was underway. Although we don’t have the specialized copper pot the restaurant serves their version in, we managed a close approximation of the dish itself.  David selected the Turkish sausage, which is quite spicy, during a shopping outing yesterday.

1 T extra virgin olive oil
1/2 pound (~250 grams) Turkish Sausage
4 eggs
whole grain bread

Heat olive oil over medium heat in a large frying pan and sauté the sausage until browned, turning once. Divide sausage in half in the pan and create two empty spaces for the eggs in each half. Fry the eggs with the sausage to desired doneness. Using a spatula, remove eggs and sausage and serve on a pasta plate or in a shallow soup bowl with slices of whole grain bread on the side.


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