Cruising Log for West Coast of Turkey: Marmaris to Istanbul

Photo: Map of Gyatso voyage along the west coast of Turkey.
Gyatso’s voyage along the west coast of Turkey in 2010, Marmaris to Istanbul where we prepared for our voyage around the Black Sea.

The 2010 cruising season began with our departure from Marmaris on 15 April. About five hundred miles of sea lie between us and our first planned destination: Istanbul. This is the distance we must cover to stage the real voyage we have planned this year: a circumnavigation of the Black Sea.

Although we departed two weeks later than planned, we still have plenty of time to make our way north before the prevailing northerly meltemi wind began to blow in the Aegean Sea. We also want to spend a couple of weeks making final preparations in Istanbul before entering the Black Sea at the beginning of June, so we’re going to try to make our way to Istanbul in three weeks which is fairly quickly, by our standards. To do this, we’re going to coastal hop along the west coast of Turkey and save the Greek Islands for the downwind sail back to Marmaris in September.

[Cruising Log for West Coast of Turkey: Marmaris to Istanbul]

A summary of our logbook entries is provided below and is shown on the map above. Links coming soon!

Logbook Entries

  • We’re off to Dirsek (4/15/10)
  • Anchoring among ancient ruins in Knidos (4/16/10)
  • A glimpse at underwater archeology in Bodrum (4/17/10)
  • The quiet harbor of Gümüslük (4/18/10)
  • A visit to ancient Ephesus from Kusadasi (4/19/10)
  • Idyllic anchorage in Sarpdere Koyu (4/23/10)
  • Joining in on Turkish holiday festivities in Dalyankoy (4/24/10)
  • A taste of Turkish hospitality in Dikili (4/25/10)
  • Waiting out the north wind in Ayvalik (4/26/10)
  • Bozcaada, a rare Turkish island in the Aegean Sea (5/2/10)
  • The Dardanelles and Canakkale (5/3/10)
  • Anchored in Kemer on the Sea of Marmara (5/6/10)
  • Island time in Port Marmara on Marmara Adasi (5/7/10)
  • Heybeliada, a peaceful cove near Istanbul in the Princess Islands (5/9/10)
  • Arrival in Istanbul, Turkey (5/10/10)

Logbook Entries in Instanbul

  • Not a traveler’s typical first day in Istanbul (5/11/10)


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