Photo: Red Rocks in Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy. Credit: Lisa Borre

Cruising Log for Sardinia, Italy, 2008

Image: Map of s/y Gyatso's cruise to Sardinia in 2008. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Map of s/y Gyatso’s cruise to Sardinia in 2008. Credit: Lisa Borre.

We spent two weeks at the end of the cruising season visiting southern Sardinia before sailing to mainland Italy to spend the winter. A short visit was just enough to convince us how much we liked Sardinia, an island rich in historic and archeological sites as well as ancient customs and traditions which live on today. The pace of life is slower here, and the people are quiet but friendly. As always, we enjoyed sampling the regional food specialties, some of which are described in the logbook entries below.

Logbook Entries

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Adventures while cruising to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Black Seas in a Tayana 37 sailboat


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