News Updates (2005-2011)

Photo: Nevis Island in Caribbean. Credit: Lisa Borre.
The island of Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean. Photo by Lisa Borre.

We moved our website to a new blog platform in 2012. Here’s an archive of “What’s New” updates that appeared on Gyatso’s home page from 2005 to 2011:

  • 6/1/11 – We are sitting out the spring/summer sailing season while we finish-up the Black Sea Cruising Guide and settle back into our house in Annapolis.
  • 3/26/11 – We were awarded the Water Music Trophy at the Ocean Cruising Club’s annual meeting in Southampton, England.
  • 12/31/10 – The “Xenophon’s Wake” article we wrote about the Black Sea  was published this month in Flying Fish, the Ocean Cruising Club’s journal.
  • 10/27/10 – We flew back to the US where we will spend the winter in Annapolis writing an updated cruising guide to the Black Sea to be published by the RCC Pilotage Foundation.
  • 9/16/10 – We completed our voyage on the Black Sea after sailing 2,118 miles in 111 days and visiting five countries.
  • 7/16/10 – Gyatso crew cancels plans to visit Russia after learning that foreign yachts are still not welcome [learn more…]
  • 5/29/10 – We’re sailing in the Black Sea until September.
  • 4/15/10 – We’re underway to Istanbul and the Black Sea.
  • 3/13/10 – Gyatso was re-launched today in Marmaris,Turkey.
  • 2/12/10 – We’re back in Turkey after a four month visit to the US.
  • 1/10/10 – We postponed our return to the boat in Turkey until 11 February and will be staying in Annapolis until then.
  • 10/1/09 – Gyatso will be hauled-out next week, and we will return to the US for a nice, long visit with family and friends.
  • 7/7/09 – An article we wrote about coastal cruising in Southern Sardinia was published in the June issue of the OCC’s Flying Fish journal.
  • 6/8/09 – We are both back onboard Gyatso after two weeks away to attend a retreat (David) and to help our friend Jayne transfer her boat to Sicily (Lisa).
  • 4/2/09 – We flew to England to attend the Ocean Cruising Club Annual Meeting where we also received an award.
  • 2/13/09 – In a rental car, we toured Campania and Lazio regions of Italy.
  • 1/16/09 – We returned to the boat in Italy.
  • 12/01/08 – We arrived in the U.S. for a 6-week holiday visit.
  • 11/27/08 – Jayne of s/y Aorangi joined us onboard for a Turkey Day feast.
  • 10/09/08 – We took a one-week trip inland to Tuscany to join Lisa’s family and to celebrate her mom’s birthday.
  • 9/23/08 – We arrived in Italy today.
  • 6/1/08 – In Switzerland for month-long seminar at the Rabten-Choeling Tibetan Center while the boat is hauled-out.
  • 4/16/08 – We arrived in the U.S. for a one-month family visit.
  • 3/04/08 – We were elected as members of the Ocean Cruising Club.
  • 1/16/08 – Suze and Jon, Lisa’s sister and brother-in-law, arrived in Portugal for a six week visit.
  • 12/15/07 – See new sailing logsphoto galleries and galley recipes from the past year.
  • 11/30/07 – We celebrated Thanksgiving aboard Gyatso with Austrian friends, Peter and Annemarie of s/v Onyx.
  • 11/07/07 – We are back in Lagos after a medical emergency took us to Portimão and Lisbon for a few weeks.  All is well now.
  • 10/05/07 – Our friends Mark and Kate from California visited us in Portugal.  We spent one week together in Lisbon and Porto.
  • 10/01/07 – The ARC Europe Rally 2007 is featured in the October issue of Yachting World and the fall issue of World Cruising Club magazines.
  • 09/24/07 – We took a one-week trip to visit the Rabten-Choeling Tibetan Center in Mont- Pelerin Switzerland.
  • 07/07/07 – Our daily logs, photos and position reports from the ARC Europe Rally can now be viewed on this website.
  • 05/01/07 – The log of our trip to the Great Lakes is now posted on this website.
  • 03/06/07 – Lisa’s parents arrive in Grenada for a two week visit.

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