Passage through the Gulf of Corinth in Greece

Photo: Fishing boats in Galaxidhi, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Fishing boats in Galaxidhi, Greece. Photograph by Lisa Borre.

An easterly wind carried us through the Corinth Canal to Galaxidhi, the same port we visited three years ago. The wind shifted to the west the following day, so we waited for it to drop before continuing westward to pass under the Rion bridge and into the Gulf of Patras.We spent five days catching up on some work we brought along, taking leisurely strolls through town and enjoying seafood dinners in the local taverna.

In its heyday, Galaxidhi was a major shipbuilding center. Its rich maritime history continues today in the form of a small harbor for fishing boats and cruising yachts like ours.

Camera in hand, I captured images of this now sleepy port. One night we were serenaded by a man playing the bouzouki which serves as the soundtrack for this short video I produced of our time there:

Many of the houses and businesses were shuttered up, perhaps waiting for the Greek economy to improve or for the start of a delayed tourist season.The temperatures have been cooler than normal this spring.

Eventually the wind did drop, but we had to leave at 5:50 AM to get under the Rion Bridge before it picked up again.

Here’s another video of Gyatso’s transit under this magnificent bridge on 26 May 2012:

Now we’re in Messolonghi, just a few days from our final destination for this trip.

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  1. Galaxidhi looks like a beautiful place to wait out the weather.

  2. Glad to see you are sailing again! I have been meaning to get in touch, in part to say happy birthday Lisa, and I guess to David as well! It would be great to catch up when you are back in the states. Enjoy your time,


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