Underway through the Greek Islands

Photo: Nysiros, Greece. Credit: L. Borre.
Gyatso moored on the island of Nysiros, Greece. Photo by Lisa Borre.

We’ve been underway for just over a week and completed four passages as we island-hop our way through Greece. Although we are not in our usual leisurely cruising mode, we are quickly getting back into a routine of moving when the wind and weather allow.

Our days of open-ended cruising have come to an end, and the main purpose of this trip is to move Gyatso from point A (Marmaris, Turkey) to point B (Corfu, Greece). This requires a different mind set than when we were cruising full-time, one that has an end date looming in a matter of weeks, not months and years. We’re adjusting, but this early in the season, it is a real test in patience. Twice we’ve set out in hopes of making a passage but turned back when the conditions proved uncomfortable. We decided that we  were pushing the schedule too hard and have settled back into our tried-and-true approach of letting the weather dictate our movements.

Today we are anchored in Katapola on the island of Amorgos waiting for more favorable winds to sail to Paros. We’re planning an early departure tomorrow (Monday). If the forecast holds, we might actually get some southerly winds this week to carry us north of our track to fulfill David’s birthday wish: to visit Apollo’s sacred island of Delos which is accessible by tour boat from the island of Mykonos.

Since leaving Marmaris, Turkey last Saturday, we sailed to Symi where we saw the super moon rise, to Nisiros where we visited the volcanic crater, to Astipalaia where we settled into island time, and now Amorgos. So far, we are re-tracing the route we took in September 2009 (see Gyatso Logbook for Greece) and hoping to reach the Ionian Islands before we have to get on a plane and return to the US in early June. All is well, but we had limited internet connection until reaching Mykonos (the store in Symi that sold internet dongles was closed the day we were there), making it difficult to provide blog updates.

8 thoughts on “Underway through the Greek Islands”

  1. Glad things are going well so far, and hoping you have clement seas and following seas for the ‘Birthday trip” to Delos! Thought of you lots on the “big moon” night, as it was absolutely perfect in Gaeta, and imagined being in the cockpit of Gyatso…hoping to see you soon if the gods are willing. you’re getting closer;-))) XXXO J.

    1. Thought of you, too, watching the super moon. We made it to Mykonos yesterday (Mon) and are now sitting out strong southwesterlies, very unusual in these parts. Rented car to drop off laundry in town, buy b-day present for D (Greece internet dongle–shhh) and procure cake from the best bakery on the island. Delos by tour boat tomorrow, weather permitting! Plenty of other yacht crews sitting out the same weather, so I suspect there will be a little b-day gathering on Gyatso tonight. Yes, we’re getting closer…:-)

  2. Thanks for update guys, H. recounts of many fellow sailors dealing w/that passage…maybe you can ship Gyatso back to USA, if not, you’re welcome here aboard Sea Dog…be safe.

    Stephen/Hulya sv Sea Dog (Annapolis)

    1. We saw Hulya’s book for sale at West Marine and in the market at Yat Marin in Marmaris! She is very well known among our Turkish sailing friends. And Gyatso was in good company with two other Tayana 37s in Marmaris (“Tayana” of Hamburg and “Karin” of Berlin). We’re looking forward to catching up with you when we return to Annapolis this summer. We’d love to join you aboard Sea Dog sometime!

  3. Nice picture. I noticed you still have the staysail boom. Would be nice to discuss the pros and cons next time we meet!

    1. We saw your post to the TOG group about the staysail boom and the replies from all of those who have decided to get rid of it. Maybe we’ll join in the discussion because we’re of a different opinion, perhaps because ours is roller furled as is our yankee. In your pictures from Block Island, it looks like your staysail is hanked on. I’d be curious whether this makes a difference in the opinions on the topic. We’re happy to discuss back in Annapolis.

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