Countdown to Departure for Seasonal Cruising in the Med

Photo: Tall ships in the Golden Horn of Istanbul. Credit: Lisa Borre.
We’ll stop in Istanbul for two days on our way to Gyatso.

We’re in the final countdown to departure for some seasonal cruising in the Med after nearly 18 months on dry land. We hauled out and stored Gyatso at the end of the 2010 cruising season and returned home to write a cruising guide to the Black Sea. The book is scheduled for release later this month, and we’re now looking forward to our return to Marmaris, Turkey where we will begin this year’s cruise.

After so much time away, we expect to spend a week or two finishing up maintenance tasks. Ali at European Marine Services has taken care of bottom painting, topsides and other out-of-water tasks, so we can get underway as quickly as possible. We depart for Turkey on April 11 and are scheduled to return to Annapolis on June 7.

Our plans are modest this year. We’re just hoping to move Gyatso closer to home. Perhaps we’ll make it to the Ionian Islands of Greece or as far as Sicily. It doesn’t matter. We’re just looking forward to being on the water again.

We’ll be blogging from the boat as we go. Use the subscription form in the right sidebar of the Home page if you’d like to follow our voyage.

11 thoughts on “Countdown to Departure for Seasonal Cruising in the Med”

  1. The new website looks and works great. It’s exciting to see the book release and your plans to return to Gyatso in the same month!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures – sorry to miss you at the wedding though. We’ll swap stories next time!

  3. Wishing the Incredible Gyatso and Crew Godspeed and smooth sailing on this next leg of your ongoing adventure!

  4. Not sure if I have the right blog … oh well. Waiting to hear that you are at gyatso, all is well here. M/B

  5. your website is so organized, and your posts are always common sense, congratulations for making the difference.

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