Preparations Underway in Marmaris, Turkey for Another Sailing Season

Photo: Tayana 37 refit. Credit: L. Borre.
It was nice not to live aboard while refitting in Marmaris.

Logbook Entry

Date: 2/22/10
Location: Marmaris, Turkey

The decks are scrubbed, the topsides are washed down, and the bootstripe is re-painted. But these are just the first three things on a list that is two pages long before we re-splash in two weeks. At least the guys in the yard can get back to work on the second coat of bottom paint while we work the rest of the list.

We’re back in Turkey getting ready for another sailing season. The last time Gyatso was hauled-out for maintenance was in Sotogrande, Spain in July 2008, so lots of things need attention in addition to the annual varnishing job which must be done while we are on-the-hard. It should be interesting to try to get this done with owners returning to their boats every day and creating a lot of incompatible projects such as washing down decks, sanding bottom paint, etc. With such a large yard (1,000+ boats), we’ll be lucky to find good windows for laying on 4-5 coats of varnish this year.

Despite all of our work on health and fitness over the winter, we are both quite tired and sore at the end of a day of boat chores. Added to this, David is suffering from a cold/cough that has slowed him down even further. Back to working the list…