Return to Gyatso in Marmaris, Turkey Postponed

Photo: Record-setting snowfall in Annapolis 2010. Credit: L. Borre.
We had to dig our cousin’s car out of a two-foot deep snow drift to get to the airport for our flight back to Turkey.  It was a record-setting year for annual snowfall in the Washington, DC area this winter.

Logbook Entry

Date: 1/10/10
Location: Annapolis, MD USA

Happy New Year from snow-covered Annapolis!  Yes, that’s right, we decided to postpone our return to Gyatso in Turkey until mid-February.  Having visited family and friends for six weeks in October and November, we decided to spend two months in our homeport. We’re using the time to focus on health and fitness, among other things, as we head into our fifth year of full-time cruising and living aboard a 37′ boat! Since Gyatso is hauled-out in Turkey and our house is still rented out, we borrowed our cousin’s car (they’re cruising in the Bahamas this winter), found ourselves an apartment, and joined a gym which is only a five-minute drive away.  We will resume our website updates again when we return to Turkey.