Loutra, Kithnos, Greece

Photo: Tayana 37 Gyatso under sail in the Cyclades, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Gyatso under sail toward the Cyclades in light air in Greece.
Photo: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 09/17/09 – 09/18/09
Distance: 57 nm
Sailed from: Aigina
Lat: 37°26.5’N
Long: 24°25.6’E

Calm weather but unfortunately not much wind for the long passage to Kithnos today.  We found lots of charter boats in Loutra when we arrived, but the harbormaster managed to find space for us tied alongside the end of the pier and rafted off the stern of a big catamaran.

Before heading ashore to the local “yacht club” for dinner, the Greek man on a neighboring boat said, “It’s raining in Athens.”  Sure enough, right after dinner was served, a thunderstorm rolled through drenching all of us who were eating outdoors on the beach.  We gobbled down our tsatziki, falafel and moussaka and then moved inside or under the protection of the porch like everyone else until it passed.  We sipped a glass of ouzo before retiring to Gyatso for the night.

The dock was busy with activity by 7:00 a.m. the next morning, and we made a quick decision to leave rather than move to a new slip because the catamaran needed to get out.  It was a decision we later regretted because it meant that we didn’t have time to top-up our water tank (see Paros log entry).