Erikoússa, Ionian Islands, Greece

Photo: An island on the passage from Erikoússa to Corfu, Greece. Credit: Lisa Borre.
On the passage from Erikoússa to Corfu, we passed this tiny island and within a mile of Albania on a hazy day. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/29/09 to 08/30/09
Distance: 60 nm
Sailed from: Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy
Lat: 39°53’N
Long: 19°35’E

We motored across the Ionian Sea from Italy to Greece — one of those days where there’s not enough wind to sail but probably better than the forecast for too much wind from the wrong direction if we waited a day — such is life of sailing in the Med.  We anchored in a pleasant bay on the south side of Erikoússa along with a half dozen other sailboats.  Arriving in Greece on this island was a bit like entering the U.S. by way of Beaver Island, Michigan where Lisa’s sister and brother-in-law live and where her parents spend the summer.  It is a pretty remote and sleepy place off the coast of Albania near the border with mainland Greece and can only be reached by ferry.  We didn’t go ashore but could see a few small hotels and restaurants, a power plant and a scattering of houses on the hillsides.  We took a long swim before returning to the boat for dinner (pasta) and much needed sleep.