Crotone, Italy

Photo: View from the castle in Crotone, Italy. Credit: Lisa Borre.
View from the castle in Crotone, Italy. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/23/09 – 08/27/09
Distance: 137 NM
Lat: 39°04.7’N
Long: 17°08’E

Another overnight sail — this time from the eastern shore of Sicily to the instep of the “Boot” of Italy.  A tiny sliver of the moon set behind the headland as we reached the heel of the boot after sunset.  When we looked closer, Etna towered in the background with a faint glow of dark orange sunset behind its massive silhouette.  David sketched the scene in the logbook, hoping to capture the memory in some way.

Arriving in Crotone, we found a well-protected harbor with plenty of room to tie-up on the outer quay.  A helpful dock attendant waved us into a slip and handed us a mooring line to secure to our stern.  Tired from the long passage from Sicily, we relaxed in the cockpit and enjoyed the views of the small city on the other side of the harbor.  David took charge in the galley and served up a sparkling rose wine with a tray of toast points topped with cream cheese and black caviar — it’s always fun to celebrate a little after we’ve arrived safely in port.

We also found a pleasant town ashore with friendly Italians, some local and some on summer holiday. Bars and cafes line the beach and walkway along the shore and multi-story apartments line the streets leading away from the water. The old section of the city is tucked in behind the castle on the low hillside which also offers great views back toward the sea. A small archeology museum displays artifacts from the area, including a nearby Greek Temple. Crotone lays claim to Pythagorus as one of its famous past residents, so David took the opportunity to re-read the Music of Spheres about his intellectual legacy.

Here’s a photo gallery of Leg 4 of our cruise through Southern Italy and Sicily: