Riposto (Mt. Etna), Italy

Photo: In the shadow of Mt. Etna in Riposte. Credit: Lisa Borre.
We spent the night in the shadow of Mt. Etna in Riposto. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Date: 08/21/09-08/22/09
Distance: 46 NM
Lat: 37°43.8’N
Long: 15°12.4’E

Why do the prices increase the closer you get to an active volcano?  Shouldn’t they be paying us to do something so foolish?  We arrived at the Marina della Etna in Riposto, Sicily this evening to find that it is by far the most expensive place we have ever berthed Gyatso for a night — the previous record having been Brielle, New Jersey in Nov. 2005!  Neither one makes much sense, unless you consider other factors, such as catering to a totally different clientele (power boats and fishing boats vs. cruising sailboats).  Despite the awesome views of Etna from our slip, we decided to forego a land-based journey to the volcano and will depart tomorrow morning for the “boot” of Italy.  We are now on-the-move en route to Greece and feeling the end-of-season pull to our final destination: Turkey.

Here’s a photo gallery of Leg 4 of our cruise through Southern Italy and Sicily: