Amalfi, Italy

Photo: Amalfi lemons are famous, especially for making limoncello. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Amalfi lemons are famous, especially for making limoncello. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 05/08/09 – 05/10/09
Distance: 38 NM 
Lat: 40°37.7’N
Long: 14°36’E

Another day of motoring in no wind, this time across the Bay of Naples, around Cape Campenella, past the Galli Islands (Siren Islands) and along the beautiful Amalfi coast to the port of Amalfi. A thick haze prevented clear views of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, but the calm weather allowed us to pass closely to both Capri and the small islands which are thought to be the ones where Odysseus and his crew encountered “the song of the sirens” during their voyage. Lisa did not have to tie David to the mast, however, she did keep a close eye on him as he sat on the bow to admire the view of the islands and to listen carefully for the siren’s song as we passed.

Arriving in Amalfi, we were greeted by Aniello Esposito, one of the friendliest and hardest working dockmaster’s we have ever met. Lisa was particularly impressed with the respect he showed her as the person at the helm during the docking procedures.  We spent two nights tied to the quay on the inside of the breakwater wall among a dozen other yachts and a fleet of fishing boats. The center of town was just a five minute walk away.  It overflows with tourists who arrive by ferry boat and bus during the day but quiets down considerably in the evening. We found a frutta e verdura(fruit and vegetable stand) with the famous lemons for making limoncello — they must be untreated and as green as possible to make the really good stuff — and placed an order for pick-up later that day.

Back onboard Gyatso that afternoon, we sipped the complimentary bottle of vino locale that Aniello had given us and admired the protective pad he had fitted onto the bowsprit while we were away. With lemons onboard, we bid him farewell the next morning with many thanks for such a pleasant stay. He sent us on our way with another bottle of his fizzy red wine which we put in the fridge right away.

Here’s a photo gallery of Leg 1 of our cruise through Southern Italy and Sicily, including photos of making limoncello aboard Gyatso: