Thanksgiving Feast Left-overs in Gaeta, Italy

Photo: Thanksgiving shop in Gaeta, Italy. Credit: s/y Gyatso.
Natalina, one of the shopkeepers on via Indipendenza, ‘shows some leg’ (turkey leg, that is) while Lisa did her pre-Thanksgiving Day shop in Gaeta.

Logbook Entry

Date: 11/28/08 (Friday)
Location: Gaeta, Italy

The leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal yesterday were almost as good as the meal itself. Lisa cooked up a storm all day after a busy day of “hunting and gathering” on Wednesday which included stops to the weekly market, her favorite bakery, the butcher shop, and PAM supermercado. It seemed as if half the town was involved in the pre-turkey day meal preparation. Natalina, the butcher’s wife, carefully prepared the turkey leg and breast and wanted to know all about how Lisa was going to cook the meal on her boat. She asked Lucia from the jewelry shop across from her on via Indipendenza, to translate for us. We laughed and snapped photos, clowning around with the turkey leg when Lucia instructed, “Show us some Leg!” Natalina actually pulled up her apron! After Lisa explained how the meal was going to be prepared and what was on the menu, Natalina exclaimed, “Mama Mia!” We delivered slices of pumpkin pie to several of the shopkeepers today — it was easier than having everyone on board.