Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza

Photo: Tayana 37 Gyatso in Puerto de San Miguel on Ibiza. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Gyatso at anchor in Puerto de San Miguel on Ibiza. This was the last time we used the sun awning this season, as the weather was noticeably cooler by the time we reached Menorca. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 09/03/08 – 9/06/08
Distance: 13 nm
Sailed from: Puerto San Antoni, Ibiza
Lat: 39°05’N
Long: 01°26’E

We enjoyed several lazy days at anchor in this cala, reading books and guarding our anchor from getting fouled by careless charter boats and day-trippers. 

Richard and Jim from s/v Tricky D swam over one afternoon to say hello, we invited them aboard for a glass of wine and before we knew it, the conversation lasted through dinner. They invited us for dinner the next night, and Lisa was thrilled to try someone else’s version of tasty chicken curry with rice, one of our old stand-bys, especially the improvised addition of locally available shrimp to stretch the dish for four people.