Torrevieja, Spain

Photo: Cruising in Costa Blanca, Spain. Credit: D.R. Barker.
Lisa removes a bottle of acetone from the cup holder on the binacle before mistaking it for drinking water while underway on the Costa Blanca.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/24/08 – 08/25/08
 43 nm
Sailed from: Cartagena
Lat: 37°58’N
Long: 00°41’W

Glad we waited a day for more favorable winds which started light but built in the afternoon to 12-15 knots from the SE. We anchored for one night inside this large, protected harbor which is also home to one of the most productive salt works in the world. We watched them load salt onto a ship at the commercial dock, but did not visit the salt works as our guidebook suggested.

We awoke in the morning to find a local fisherman as our only neighbor. He was in a small, but sturdy looking rowboat named Toto with three lines out but no luck until we hauled up our anchor. That did the trick — he landed a small fish and gave us a wave of thanks. We were underway in the late morning which is when the wind seems to start to build-in around here. Lingering over coffee did the trick for us — we had a wonderful sail to Alicante.