Aguilas (Puerto del Hornillo), Spain

Photo: Tayana 37 Gyatso at anchor in Aguilas, Spain. Credit: Lisa Borre.
View from Gyatso at anchor in Aguilas, Spain. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/14/08 – 08/16/08
Sailed from: Garrucha
Lat: 37°24’N
Long: 01°34’W

Anchored for two nights 100 meters from a popular swimming beach just outside of town. Rocky cliffs protected us to the north, west and south, but the anchorage was not protected from the southeast wind or swell.  Luckily, we did not experience too much of either, although we did roll a bit at times.

We shared the anchorage our first night with a boat from Calumet, Michigan, and shortly after we arrived we met both Joe and Michele aboard Peregrine. They are headed west, like the other Americans we have met along the way. We enjoyed hearing about their 4-years of experience sailing in the Med. We also enjoyed a refreshing, late afternoon swim.

Photo: Aguilas, Spain. Credit: Lisa Borre.
We admired this fishing boat which was in use as a family picnic boat for a national holiday while we were at anchor in Aguilas, Spain. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Friday, 15 August was a national holiday in Spain. Our anchorage was crowded during the day with locals rafted-up and enjoying a day at the beach. Lisa admired one of the fishing boats, in particular, which showed up with 12 adults and children as well as beach chairs, folding tables, umbrellas, coolers, etc., all of which were ferried ashore by a very hard-working rower in the double-ended rowboat painted in a matching blue, white and brown color scheme. The extended family had sent ahead several others by land to set-up two big awnings. They spent hours swimming, eating, drinking and taking siestas on the shore while their boat bobbed at anchor near us. With 12-15 knots of wind from exactly the direction we wanted to go, we decided to join the locals for a lazy day anchored near the beach.