Garrucha, Spain

Logbook Entry

Dates: 08/13/08 – 08/14/08
 54 nm
Sailed from: Almeria
Lat: 37°11’N
Long: 01°49’W

Yesterday’s wind held for awhile this morning, just enough to get us around Cabo de Gata but not enough to sail all the way to Garrucha, so we motor-sailed most of the day.  We were awed by the rugged coastline while rounding the Cape and continuing with very little coastal development until just southwest of Garrucha.  David remarked, “This is one of the most barren stretches of coast that I have ever seen.” We saw swimmers and sunbathers on the beaches nestled between the rocky cliffs and were treated to a school of 15 dolphins feeding in the current just before sunset.  We found a nice place to anchor inside the protected, fishing harbor and stayed onboard again watching the holiday festivities ashore and the fisherman on the breakwater “change shifts” as the sun went down.