La Herradura (Almuñecar), Spain

Photo: Almunecar, Spain. Credit: Lisa Borre.
The small, rocky promontory in the foreground provided enough protection for this to serve as a trading port thousands of years ago. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 07/29/08 – 07/30/08
 20 nm
Sailed from: Almuñecar
Lat: 36°44’N
Long: 03°44’W

After a morning of visiting the town of Almuñecar and a late check-out from the marina, we decided to motor east in no wind to the next port, Motril. We did not find any space in the small Club Nautico there, and we found the anchorage on the chart had been filled-in with a busy commercial pier. The beautiful bay of La Herradura, located 10 miles to the west (in the direction from which we had just come), was calling out to us. 

With very settled weather, we decided to try our first night of anchoring in the Med. Back west we went and found a beautiful spot two hundred yards from the beach and the rocky cliffs of Ponta de la Concepción ó Mona. We were well protected from an east wind, and if for any reason the wind came up from the west, we could go around the point to a protected anchorage on the other side. We spent a peaceful night at anchor (for free!), rolling gently in the low swell of the open bay on a clear, starry, moonless night — pretty much perfect by our standards.