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Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Photo: Blue door of Tunisia. Credit: Lisa Borre.
One of the blue doors of Tunisia. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entries

Dates: 07/16/09-07/24/09
Sailed from: Marsala, Sicily
Distance: 118 NM
Lat: 36°52’N
Long: 10°21’E

We arrived in Tunisia today after a 118-mile overnight passage across the Strait of Sicily.

Our arrival in Tunisia was a bit bizarre.  After handing our docklines to the marina attendant and securing Gyatso between a smaller Swedish-flagged sailboat and an abandoned boat, a Health Department inspector appeared at the bow and stuck a thermometer onto each of our foreheads.  Dripping with sweat in the 90°+ midday sun, we were amused to learn that we passed the inspection. He handed us a brochure about the H1N1 virus and instructed us to report to his office if we became ill during our stay. We were very surprised by his professionalism and by the contrast with our nine month experience in Italy, where we never saw anyone who cared anything about the global flu pandemic underway.

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