Passage to Gaeta, Italy

Photo: View of Marina in Gaeta, Italy. Credit: Lisa Borre.
View of Marina in Gaeta, Italy. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 10/6/08 – 10/7/09
Distance: 200 nm
Sailed from: Arbatax, Sardinia
Lat: 41°13’N
Long: 13°34’E

We arrived here after a relatively uneventful, but long overnight passage from Sardinia. We motored and motor-sailed the whole way and decided to bypass Ponza, one of a small volcanic island group known as the Pontine Islands, since we arrived there in the morning and had a beautiful day for the remaining 35 miles to the mainland. We found the marina in Gaeta full to capacity, but they found us a space next to the fuel dock for a night. We then made special arrangements to leave the boat for 12-days while we took our trip inland to Tuscany with Lisa’s family. Upon our return, they found space for us to winter-over here. We are very happy and relieved to be settled into such a pleasant place for the next few months.

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Arbatax, Sardinia

Photo: Arbatax marina, Sardinia, Italy. Credit: Lisa Borre.
A windy, choppy day in the Arbatax marina. Gyatso is berthed inside of the boat on the right. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 10/2/08 – 10/6/08
Distance: 32 nm
Sailed from: Porto Corallo
Lat: 39°57’N
Long: 09°42’E

We had hoped to sail across the Tyrrhenian Sea to mainland Italy on Friday 10/3, but decided to wait for a cold front and associated high winds to pass first. The weather should clear by Sunday.

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Porto Corallo, Sardinia

Photo: Shades of blue and green water on the coast of Sardinia. Credit: Lisa Borre.
Some of the many beautiful shades of blue reflected in the water on the coast of Sardinia. Credit: Lisa Borre.

Logbook Entry

Dates: 10/1/08 – 10/2/08
Distance: 48 nm
Sailed from: Cagliari
Lat: 39°26’N
Long: 09°38’E

Nothing of note here as this was just an overnight stop for us.  The purpose-built marina was almost empty, and we had an unhelpful dock-hand while securing the boat for the night.  Luckily, no damage was done, and we left early the next day.  The east coast of Sardinia is very rugged, remote and beautiful.  We enjoyed the views and a pleasant sail, although it was the second day in a row where we experienced a sudden wind shift late in the afternoon.